Prior to your Spray Tan:

  1. Exfoliate 3-4 times a week before your competition to renew and refine the texture of your skin. We highly recommend using Jan Tana Exfoliating Scrub Skin Prep which helps balance your skin pH. Soak in a warm bath if time permits – it helps with the exfoliation process.
  2. MOISTURIZE! Cannot stress this enough. Apply generously to knees, elbows, feet and hands since these areas tend to absorb more color. Use moisturizer daily, morning and evening for a week before the competition to ensure a smooth, even absorption of color. We recommend using Jan Tana Moisturizer. Do NOT moisturize on day of tan, however!
  3. Do NOT shower with any body-washes or soaps that contain moisturizers the day of your Tan application. These act as barriers to the Sunless Tan which may cause white spots. Do NOT use Dove body wash and soap, leaves a residue on your body.
  4. Avoid self-tanning products the week before spraying.
  5. Do NOT apply any moisturizer, make-up, perfume, cologne or deodorants prior to your Tan application. If you have any of these products on your body, please remove prior to your session.
  6. Shave or wax at least 24 hours prior to your session. Shaving or waxing the day of could cause open pores to become saturated with the tanning solution resulting in tiny brown dots on your body. If you absolutely have to shave the day of your spray tan please put cold water over your body to close pores as this helps with a decrease, not elimination, in tiny brown dots on your body.
  7. Remain dry for at least 30 minutes before your Tanning Session.
  8. Wear hair up.
  9. Please have loose, dark clothing ready to put on after your spray tan. Do NOT wear pants with a tight elastic band. Wear an oversized shirt to be able to put on easily. Stay away from jeans and Do NOT wear Socks. Avoid wearing RED absorbing clothing as it is rumored to cause some people to turn “greenish”.
  10. Do NOT apply any other tanning products before or after your spray. We are not responsible for any color malfunction due to mixing products.

After your Spray Tan:

  1. Jan Tana Hi-Definition tanner is a DHA (dihydroxyacetone) based product. It is dark right away but matures within a few hours. Do NOT shower after getting sprayed on Friday.
  2. Sleep in loose-fitting clothing with old bed sheets at night.
  3. Don’t wear a bra, jewelry, socks or other tight-fitting clothing between tanning and getting on stage.
  4. Watch toilet seats when using washroom.
  5. Avoid washing hands excessively – you can easily splash water on arms and mess up tan.
  6. Take care when brushing teeth.
  7. Take care when carry objects like purses over your shoulder, etc.
  8. If using bikini bite, use carefully and only the one time. Wait until the last possible moment to glue your suit as the glue WILL remove your tan in that area. 

Happy Skin Prepping!